Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stunning hypocrisy from a Tory and lies, damned lies and Tory statistics.

Remember this from last year. Cameron had disgracefully signed up Sir Richard Dannatt before he had stepped down from the Armed Forces. Tory front bencher Chris Grayling (MP for Epsom and Ewell) is interviewed by the BBC and misunderstands, thinking Dannatt has been  appointed by the government. His about face when he realises his mistake is truly breathtaking. Would you trust a word this man says?

Talking of believing a word he says, Evan Davis caught him out a few weeks ago being very economical with the truth on crime figures. He was castigated by the head of the UK Statistics Authority,

Sir Michael Scholar, chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, has written to Mr Grayling saying: "I do not wish to become involved in political controversy, but I must take issue with what you said yesterday about violent crime statistics, which seems to me likely to damage public trust in official statistics." In notes attached to the letter, the statistics authority said it regarded "a comparison, without qualification, of police-recorded statistics between the late 1990s and 2008/09 as likely to mislead the public".
The authority said the British Crime Survey (BCS), an annual questionnaire of 46,000 people, indicated there had been a big fall in violent crime since 1995.
It said the BCS was the most reliable way of assessing the trend, because it was "not affected by changes in reporting, police recording and local policing activity, and has been measuring crime in a consistent way since the survey began in 1981"
The BBC article is here

and the full interview is here


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