Friday, 11 January 2013

John from Woking on Call Clegg

I suppose its time to out myself. I am John from Woking who called in to the Nick Ferrari show on LBC yesterday. When I heard that Clegg would be on this new programme I immediately sent in my question and was lucky enough to be chosen. I assume it was because they knew it might be controversial. I must admit I was not prepared for how viral it all went. The phone never stopped ringing and I was interviewed by the Mail, Standard, Mirror, ITN and a few others that are a blur. I have had my Warhol moment.

Any way there you have it I am John Doran the County Councillor for Horsell, Woking between 2005 and 2009. I joined the Liberal Party in the run up to the 1974 elections during Thorpe-mania. And I am so very angry about what has happened to my party under Clegg.

I know this blog has had more come backs than Frank Sinatra but while preparing myself for Call Clegg, I started realising, noting and researching all the things that this government is doing that scare the pants of any self-respecting Lib Dem, so I will be blogging about that stuff in the next few weeks.

 Finally a word for my old colleagues in the Lib Dems. I apologise for any embarrassment I may have caused you. Many of you feel similarly but perhaps not as strongly as I do. I tried hard to follow your advice and fight the good fight from within, but it became impossible. I wish you all the best in future elections. You do not deserve the millstone of the coalition weighing you down.

Links to stories about call Clegg. The "bit" with my question can be reached by hitting the link in the second sentence.
 Daily Mail

And of course the obligatory Steve Bell cartoon from the Guardian


  1. Hi John

    Some of us Lib Dems have discussed your conversation with Nick and not a single person had anything bad to say about you. I think that we all sympathise with your feelings on the coalition, there isn't a single Liberal Democrat who likes everything this government does.

    I appreciate that you feel you can no longer 'fight from within' but I hope that some day, you may find your way back into the party as now, more than ever, we need a strong diversity of opinion and talent. Our party will not grow if everybody with a sense of justice leaves. Personally I suspect there are many people like you who have quietly lost faith in the party and we can only hope that one day the party wins it back.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Rich. I believe I am more of a Lib Dem than Clegg and his ilk. I could not join any other mainstream party but I might help the NHA Party try to unseat Jeremy, rhyming slang, Hunt. After 2015 I'm pretty sure Clegg and his mates will move on and I hope to rejoin (local party willing!), to help re-build the party.